What is Labor Day?

Age Range
5 to 16


An explanation of the history of Labor Day and a brief interview with an employer who explains what he looks for in a candidate.

Completion Checklist

  1. Trailblazers/Rockhoppers:Ask your Mom or Dad what kind of work they do. Ask them to tell you about their average day at work.
  2. Cragsman Group: Develop a list of questions to ask a local small business owner about what Labor Day means to them. Prepare your questions ahead of time and make notes of their answers. Your questions might include: How many employees they have, what services or products they offer, and what the company gives back to the community. Don’t forget to thank them for hiring workers at their business. And ask them what they consider the most important characteristics in a good employee.
  3. Everyone:In celebration of Labor Day, spend an hour laboring around the home to be a blessing to your family. If your family plans to cook out or have some other celebration, ask how you can labor towards it and help get everything ready.
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